Window Lintel and Sill Replacement

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Window Lintel Repair and Sill Contractor in NYC

As your know Brooklyn is filled with many old buildings some of these buildings have a lot historic value, which means building owners work hard to maintain the building’s integrity and functionality. One of the often overlooked parts of a building’s upkeep is the window lintel and sill. All too often maintainence of these two very important parts of your building is left unattended until they deteriorate to the point that they need to be replaced rather than repaired. Replacing window Lintels and sills in older buildings takes the knowledge and the efforts of skilled and licensed professionals in window lintel and sill repair and replacement.

Lintel Replacement

A Lintel is the horizontal structure at the top of a window that sits upon the two vertical structures of the window frame. Lintels are made from a variety of different materials including wood, masonry, and steel in forced concrete. Lintels may also be used to support the wall above the window, may be purely decorative or a combination of the two.

Purely decorative Lintels are simple and easy to replace, since they can simply be taken down and replaced with a new decorative lintel. Supporting Lintels, however can be far more complicated and often require scaffolding to be used for support when the old lintel is being removed and new lintel is being put in its place.

Often times you need a company that has the authority to use scaffolding as well as the expertise to replace lintels. We here at Swing Restoration Corp. have both the experience and the knowledge and the authority to replace or repair all types of lintels over window (and doors)

Window Sill Replacement

Window sills also play an important role in your buildings construction. Window sills are designed to allow water running down the window to flow away from the lower portion of the your building. Window sills like lintels may be made from a variety of materials including wood, brick, concrete and steel reinforced concrete

Wooden windowsills can rot making them unable to function as well as they should. Bricks are porous and unless sealed water can cause the mortar to deteriorate and allow water to run through the brick and onto the wall beneath the window. Concrete window sills can chip and deteriorate and even when they are reinforced with steel the steel can rust and deteriorate. But here at Swing Restoration we have the knowledge and tools to replace or repair any type of windowsill your building may have.

No Job is Too Large or Too Small

Whether you have a small one-story home or own a building with several stories, no lintel and sill replacement job is too large or too small for us to take on. We have are ready, able and willing to assist you in replacing your window lintel or sill. Just give us a call at (718)-252-4900 or call our cell phone at 1-917-559-9744 and we will be happy to examine your building and give you a free estimate and consultation.