Scaffolding Work

Suspended Scaffolding Work NYC for your home office building call Swing Restoration Corp. at 1-718-252-4900 or call our cell phone at 1-917-559-9744

Suspended Scaffolding Services Company in Brooklyn, NY

When making restorations on buildings over ten stories, scaffolding services are necessary to ensure and accomplish a safe building site for workers and pedestrians. However, not every construction company or reparation service can rig scaffolding. You need to a special rigging license giving a designated rigging foreman the authority to set up rigging and scaffolding to be able to complete building reparations safely. Here at Swing Restoration Corp we hold special rigger license #6159 allowing us to set up the proper rigging in order to provide you with the various types of scaffolding services you need.

Suspended Scaffolding NYC

Suspended Scaffolding consists of some type of platform to hold and suspend workers and materials so that we can do reparations at higher elevations. This type of scaffolding consists of a platform that held up by non-rigid materials such as wires, ropes, chains. The suspension “ropes” can consist of one, two or multiple ropes. A good example of suspended scaffolding is the type of scaffolding used by window washers.

For the Building of the Future

At Swing Restoration Corporation we are proud of our efforts to provide reliable suspended scaffolding systems that are built tough by leading manufacturers to meet the industry’s high safety standards. We offer suspended platform rentals to all industries including but not limited to painters, builders, glass contractors, and facility owners. Our job is to oversee and run a smooth operation with a complete concern for safety on the jobsite and for the entire community that is going to enjoy the property long after.

We are located at 1639 Hendrickson St., Brooklyn, NY 11234. Our contact numbers are 718- 252-4900, Fax 718-247-5966 and Cell 917-559-9744. You could visit our office or give us a call and we would be very happy to help you with all your questions and make an appointment to visit the premises that we could let you know exactly what needs to be done for Suspended scaffolding in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens NY. Special Rigger License #6159