Our Painting, Facade and Window Cleaning Services

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Interior And Exterior Paints and Window Cleaning Services NYC

The first impression anyone has of any commercial building, apartment building or townhouse is what people see of the outside of the building. Making it essential to keep the outside of the building well maintained can add to your buildings curb appeal and value and may even determine whether or not people will visit your business or commercial business. Here are some of the services we here at Swing Restoration Corp. can perform to keep your building looking it’s best inside and out.

Cleaning Your Facade

One of the simplest and easiest ways to refresh the natural beauty of your building is by having the facade clean from time to time. We have both commercial and residential pressure washing equipment with hot water capabilities to remove the dust, dirt and and debris from your building’s facade. Our skilled facade cleaning technicians have the right cleaning products to help remove even the stubbornness dirt and stains.

Window Cleaning

Having sparkling clean windows can make any building look more attractive. However, it really isn’t easy to clean windows especially in larger buildings and high rises. Here at Swing Restoration Corp. We carry a Special Rigger’s license (number #6159) that allows us to rig scaffolding to wash the windows for even the tallest and largest businesses safely and efficiently. Our window cleaning service includes cleaning windows for commercial buildings, high rises, and residential businesses both inside and outside.

Our Interior and Exterior Painting Services

Another simple way of maintaining the look and value of your building is with a fresh coat of paint. Here at Swing Restoration Corp. we have licensed paint contractors that has the right tools and equipment to paint both the Interior and Exterior of your building. Our painting contractors can handle any painting job no matter how large or how small and we are more than happy to handle the painting needs of both residential and commercial premises.

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