Masonry Services

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Professional Exterior Masonry Services Contractor Brooklyn

Many of the buildings in Brooklyn have concrete, cement or stucco facades or features or are built using these types of materials and are subject to wearing, weathering, and the occasional accident which can cause damage to your building and needs the services of a professional restoration mason to repair, restore or replace the concrete, cement or stucco of your business.

Here at Swing Restoration Corp we have the expertise and licenses necessary to replace, repair or restore the cement on your building. Making sure that the you repair or restore the cement, stucco, and cement not only helps maintain the value of your building, but also helps protect the buildings integrity. Here are some of the the benefits you gain from having us here at Swing Restoration Corp tend to your Masonry needs.

Repairs Small Cracks and Crevices Prior to them Become Major Issues

While small cracks and crevices may not be seen by passerbys they can lower your building’s value and eventually these small cracks and crevices can turn into major problems. When your hire us to repair these cracks and crevices correcting these minor problems and helping to prevent future issues with your cement or other materials.

Replacing Specific Cement or Concrete Bricks

In older buildings there may be areas of cement or concrete that is damaged to the point that replacement is needed. We can replace any seriously damaged cement or concrete in order to protect the building’s integrity and improve the overall looks of the building.

Restoring the Cement, Concrete or Stucco Facades of the Building

In some cases, the damage to the facade of the building is so damaged that the cement or other material need to be completely removed and new material put up in order to bring your building back to it’s original condition maintaining the integrity and the value of your building.

We can also waterproof your concrete, cement or stucco in order to make it more resistant to the weather so that building repairs or restoration work we do will last a longer period of time.

Determining the Cause of Concrete or Cement Deterioration

In order to repair concrete or cement that has deteriorated we must first determine the cause of that deterioration in order to make the repairs properly. In order to make this determination we offer a free examination of your problem and an estimate of what the repairs cost. We will consult with you and explain what needs to be done and any available options you may have in order to make sure that you have all the information necessary before deciding if you want us to make the repairs or complete the restoration.