Local Law 11 Services

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Brooklyn Construction Company to Keep Building Facades Safe

New York City is home to some of the greatest architecture in the world. Most building will periodically undergo renovations but try to keep the original facade or face of the building in its original style. This keeps the charm while upgrading to house modern living. Even some new construction buildings are trying to emulate a look of an era gone by. One component of this earlier style that accentuates the Big Apple is the fine masonry work on the facade. Carved gargoyles and moulded columns, portrait reliefs and busts stand as a reminder to that classic ambiance.

Critical Examination

To preserve the style of older buildings as well as ensure the safety of the public, NYC has instituted the Façade Inspection Safety Program (FISP) “New York City Local Law 11 of 1998” which broadened the scope of duties in relation to “New York City Local Law 10 of 1980” states that each building undergoing new construction and renovation within the five boroughs Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island must comply with a licensed engineer and registered architect to file an inspection on the aspects of the facade. This includes any potential safety problems that could arise.

Swing Restoration to the Rescue

At Swing Restoration Corp. we have the necessary experience as well as the trained staff to complete the Local Law 11 for your new construction or restoration building. We work with your existing architect and engineer or from scratch to complete and file the Local Law 11 report. We understand how crucial it is to observe every factor of this law and regulation for maximum safety regulations. Local Law 10 was originally put into place to combat safety concerns after falling remnants from the facade resulted in the death of a pedestrian. We are professionally licensed contractors (special rigger license #6159) and the goal is to maintain order and safety in our fine city that never sleeps.

Inspection Services

The only way to safely regulate the site is with a thorough report and professional conduct. Swing Restoration Corp. is here to guide your building process through the whole way from inception to completion. When you need help or have concerns about filing your building’s Local Law 11 paperwork then call us at (718) 252-4900 or 1-917-559-9744 and let us know what stage you are at. We can ensure that your paperwork will be properly filed with the city in time and through all the proper channels including a thorough Local Law 11 report and inspection conducted by the most professional team in New York.

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