Fire Escape Repairs, Painting And Replacement

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Brooklyn Fire Escape Repair and Construction Company

If you live in NY and have a fire escape in your building, you know that it will be inspected every 5 years. This means that you need to have your fire escape well maintained in order for it to pass the inspection. If you are looking for high quality fire escape maintenance, you need look no further. We at Swing Restoration have the expertise to maintain your fire escape and exceed the expectations of the inspectors with our work. The first thing that we do is to inspect your fire escape to see whether it is sound and structurally safe. Most of the times the repairs are straight forward and require the tightening of bolts, welding broken joints and scraping and painting the fire escape.

These may need reinforcing with a supporting angle or have a steel plate welded to it. But sometimes the steel is badly deteriorated and will mean that you would have to replace the beams. This type of repairs will require the removal of the brick work around the joints where they penetrate the wall of the building. All the joints around the penetrations will need to be caulked to keep out the water from the joints so that it does not corrode the new beams or seep into the building walls and cause damage.

But you have to also check and see whether the old paint contains lead or asbestos. If it does, it is an expensive process to scrap down the fire escape to bare metal and then giving it a fresh coat of paint since you have to follow federal rules to remove the old paint. In this case we have found that at times it is cheaper to replace the fire escape.

Repairing a fire escape depends on the extent to which it has been damaged due to wear and tear. The most critical parts of the fire escape are the steel beams and angles that are embedded in the walls of the building and provide structural support to the fire escape.

It is essential that you have your fire escape inspected periodically and have it maintained regularly in order to avoid expensive repairs. We at Swing Restoration Corp. can maintain your fire escape and make the necessary repairs as well as paint and replace sections as needed.

If you have any questions about maintenance of your fire escape you can contact us and we would be glad to answer your questions and give you an estimate. You can call us at 718-252 4900 our cell # is 917-559 9744 and our fax 3 is (718)-247 5966. We are located at 1639 Hendrickson St.,Brooklyn, NY 11234.