Demolition And Clean Up Service

If you need Demolition And Clean Up Service just give us a call at our business at (718)-252-4900 or call our cell phone at 1-917-559-9744

Demolition and Clean up Services Contractor in Brooklyn

We are in the restoration business and we have a demolition and clean up service that is well equipped to handle a wide variety of demolition projects. At Swing Restoration Corp. we have an experienced team of demolition experts who have all the necessary equipment needed to complete the tear down and dispose of the debris. We employ well trained professionals who also understand that your site needs to be safe and clean.Even if the demolition looks to be easy, it is best left to the professionals to tear down the walls or take out the kitchen sink

Whether you hire us for a partial demolition or a comprehensive demolition our staff will be there with the proper tools and equipment to see that the job is done efficiently and as quickly as possible and haul the debris and trash leaving your premises neat and clean.
We not only offer demolition and clean up services but also offer just clean up service, in case you need someone to take care of the waste and debris on your premise. We strive to offer the best rates and our staff knows how important it is to you that your premises are cleaned up quickly and efficiently.

We are here to help you with all your demolition needs, whether it is tearing out a wall or gutting your kitchen. Our professional staff is trained to do the job the right way so that you can have a clean start when it comes to remodeling your premise. We do all sorts of demolition whether it inside the premise or outside. We can tear down your deck or take a roof off your garage and see to it that when we leave your premise the debris goes with us leaving your premise clean

When you contact Swing Restoration Corp. for demolition and clean up service you can be assured that our staff will be at the premise at the appointed time. They will come with all the equipment that would be needed for the demolition job as well as the hauling of the debris and trash after the demolition. The will see to it that they do the job efficiently and quickly and leave your premise looking neat and clean.

If you have any demolition and clean up job please visit our offices at 1639 Hendrickson St., Brooklyn, NY 11234 or you can contact us at 718-252-4900, Fax 718-247-5966 and Cell 917-559-9744 and we would be very happy to make an appointment as well as give you an estimate.