Concrete Repair & Waterproofing

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Concrete Repair Company NYC

Dating back to the days of Ancient Rome, Concrete has proved itself one of the most indispensable building units for architecture. It’s ease to control and obtain combined with the structural integrity allow for it to be an applicable building material in facades, foundations, and structural wall units. However, concrete can deteriorate if it is not used and maintained properly. The following is a description of the typical conditions that may cause concrete deterioration and recommended solutions to these problems:

Reasons Why Concrete Deteriorates

One significant reason is inadequate building materials used in the original construction. Poor quality concrete obtained from inferior sources can cause building deterioration and an unsafe habitation environment for residents and pedestrians. This condition may manifest itself when the ingredients of the mix are improperly calculated. Another huge factor is construction errors based on design and labor from the original specifications or prevailing standards. Design errors occur when mistakes are made in the original specification. Design errors may also include the absence of drip edges at the underside of a slab, or expansion and control joints that are spaced too far apart.

Concrete Inspection

To determine concrete quality, core samples are taken from various locations for evaluation. It is a good idea to take core samples from both deteriorated areas and those that appear to be undamaged. Differences in the concrete may provide clues to the reason for the deterioration. Although construction defects usually cannot be completely corrected, efforts must be made to alleviate their detrimental effects.

Concrete Waterproofing

Part of the eventual decay from concrete facades is the persistent water from rain and moisture that dissolves the elements of the concrete. This can happen within the foundation and structural components that are composed of concrete cement throughout the building. Swing Restoration Corp. offers complete concrete waterproofing services to stabilize, repair, and maintain your building. We work safely and efficiently to get the job done right!

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