Building Restoration

For Building Restoration Services in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, SI call us at 1-718-252-4900 or call our cell phone at 1-917-559-9744

Commercial and Residential Building Restoration Contractors NYC

Swing Restoration Corporation is proud to keep the great City of New York looking like the 20th Century Masterpiece it is. Part of this charm is the aesthetics of concrete architecture that adorns every city block with the grace of the Big Apple. We believe in preserving this aspect of all the neighborhoods in some unique style that accentuates modern living with the grace that made NYC famous.

Building Inspection NYC

We can conduct a thorough inspection of your building unit and audit a complete report for the pertinent issues that would violate and safety hazard laws or structural regulations as entrusted by NYC building codes. Our analysis of your property will include priority issues to address as well as categorizing warranted issues to hold concern and tertiary problems that can be dealt with at a later time if desired.

Building Repair NYC

Repairing a building in New York City means having the skill, licensing, and efficiency to complete the work at hand. This could include many aspects of repair as well as design professionals and especially city registered engineers. The last thing you need is to hire another contractor that can’t do the job. Swing Restoration Corp. offers a vast array of building repair services from:
Masonry Work
Balcony Restoration
Concrete Repair
Demolition & Clean Up
Concrete Waterproofing
Local Law 11
Facade Repair

Projects Done With Safety In Mind

Swing Restoration Corporation is proud to commit themselves to operating a safe working environment for the extension of the job as well as those residents and guest who will habitat and enjoy it long after. We ensure that every job we work on is 100% bonded and completed to the full extent of NYC building codes.

We are located at 1639 Hendrickson St., Brooklyn, NY 11234. Our contact numbers are 718- 252-4900, Fax 718-247-5966 and Cell 917-559-9744. You could visit our office or give us a call and we would be very happy to help you with all your questions and make an appointment to visit the premises that we could let you know exactly what needs to be done for Building Restoration Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens NY. Special Rigger License #6159