Brick pointing and Replacement

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Expert Brick Restoration/Re-pointing Services Company in Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn has many brick buildings both new and old. Many of these buildings look grand and imposing. However, as beautiful and regal as these brick buildings look, they are subject to wear and tear. Rain, wind, sunshine and other weather conditions can play havoc with the mortar between the bricks and even the bricks themselves. When the mortar begins to deteriorate the bricks can loosen and the structure of the building can become compromised.

Replacing the worn or deteriorated mortar between bricks can breathe new life into older brick buildings. Finding a company that is skilled at Brick pointing and replacement is essential to maintaining the value of your building..

In newer frequently up kept brick buildings, brick pointing services may be fairly inexpensive since only a few bricks may need to have the mortar replaced. In some older buildings, brick pointing may need to be done over large areas of brick or in some cases the entire building. If an examination of the building shows that a large area of the brick work needs to have the mortar replaced, then it may be wiser to have the mortar in the entire building or at least an entire side replaced in order to be assured that nothing has been missed.

Brick Pointing

The process of repairing or replacing the mortar between bricks is known as brick pointing. During this process the deteriorated mortar is removed either by hand or using special powered tools and then using new mortar (the same type and consistency) to fill in the areas where the old mortar was removed.

Brick Replacement

Actually repairing or replacing the bricks in a building doesn’t need to be done as often as replacing the mortar. However, bricks in a building can, over time develop cracks or small crevices. They can also become chipped (especially bricks on the corner of buildings) and leave your brick building look less than pristine. A good mason can repair the small cracks bricks and they can replace broken or chiped bricks.

Here at Swing Restoration Corp. we have Skilled and licensed masons that can perform any brick pointing or replacement services that you need.

What Our Masons Can Do For You

When you call Swing Restoration Corp. we will send out a licensed and skilled mason to examine your brick work and determine what repairs will needed. We will then prepare an estimate for the cost of the repairs that are needed and offer you a free consultation to explain what our examination revealed and discuss the estimate. During this consultation we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and address any issues that come up so that you have all the information you need to make a decision on whether or not our services are right for you.

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