Balcony Restoration

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Professional Balcony Repair and Maintenance Construction Company Brooklyn

Having a balcony on within your home or office unit represents a chance to live in the open world. A garden for plants, some fresh air for everyone, a walk-in window to the great city that never sleeps. Yet, there is more to implementing a balcony than simply enjoying it. From design to construction and maintenance, balconies must be structurally sound to maintain occupant use and for that you need a restoration company that has the experience and the skilled staff to handle the restoration of your balconies. At Swing Restoration Corp. we have the necessary experience as well as the trained staff to do any type of balcony repair at a reasonable cost.We are accustomed to all types of balcony repair, whether it is the metal railings that are loose or whether the balconies have cracks or are damaged by the weather. We also are experienced in restoration of types of all concrete repairs to your balconies.

Balcony Repair NYC

The deterioration of the concrete balconies is due to moisture penetrating the concrete which causes the metal to corrode as well as the concrete to crack with the thaw and freeze cycles in winter. When you contact us for the restoration of your balconies, we will send a representative to your premises. We will do a thorough inspection of all the balconies and note what damage they have suffered as well as what would be needed to restore them. We can even offer improvements for modernization of style, security, and safety.

Balcony Inspections NYC

Our certified engineers and inspection units will check every metal railing and make thorough notes as to their stability and when or if they should or must be replaced or of course if they can be repaired. We will also take note of all the cracks and moisture damage to the concrete. When we have his report we will be able to recommend the best course of action and also be able to estimate the cost of the restoration. With our experience and staff we have everything that it would take to restore your balconies.

Swing Restoration NYC

Whether it is a job that requires just the tightening of the railings and painting them to extensive restoration where we would have to cut sections of concrete and replace them. Whatever the requirements to restore your balconies to code we are prepared and can get the job done to satisfaction.

We are located at 1639 Hendrickson St., Brooklyn, NY 11234. Our contact numbers are 718- 252-4900, Fax 718-247-5966 and Cell 917-559-9744. You could visit our office or give us a call and we would be very happy to help you with all your questions and make an appointment to visit the premises that we could let you know exactly what needs to be done to restore your balconies. Special Rigger License #6159